Frank Underwood breaking the Fourth Wall

Aladdin on Broadway (x)

"you have all been very well-behaved and respectful on this trip"
you know nothing.

despite what corina & the sweeneys say i do not need an exorcist and i sleep like a normal person

we got evacuated from the hotel at 2:30 am because it caught on fire this is the best school trip evERRRRR

stay up stay up stay up stay up

thank god 4 matt

todayyy was so fuckin top notch


hello mr president i would like to buy america for 4 goats


Welcome to Night Vale.


[messages you at three a.m.] hey do u wanna hear my headcanons

There’s a certain passage in the show that I find a little bit challenging. So I like to use that passage to warm up before the show, while I’m getting ready.



im straight

april fools


April fools this is the same shirt I was wearing in my last selfie hah I got you guys so badly hahaha